Will the MAN in MANager Stand Up Please?

(The below writing uses MAN in the Manager as a figurative representation, The Strategist doesn’t believe in Gender discrimination and is core believer of Equal Opportunity Employer)

In the season of reaching consensus in either optimizing the bell Curves or assuring employees that they have not been cheated on their Performance Ratings and Increments or addressing the grievances the question often arises whether we start the conversation with ‘I” or ‘They’.

Conversations with ‘I’ often mean that the ownership will lie with us (i.e. MANager) which means we would require guts to stand up to our convictions, strength to fight the trends and courage to lose at times which when compared to ‘They’ (Manager) is far tighter. When we decide to take the stance of ‘They’ it is simpler as the villain is outside and all we have to do is look for some good English topped with some rational to start and end the conversation, and the best part being getting out of a talk without taking any responsibility or accountability.

So what’s the fuss all about then as the choice seems too oblivious as ‘They’ (Manager) is very easier when compared to ‘I’ (MANager).

The challenge is when we choose to be Manager (They) we should be comfortable to be perceived as someone who is Friendly yet Helpless and at times be gossiped as spineless because we seem to be running without any accountability.

Let’s pause for a while and think how many role models we have in life who are friendly yet helpless and at times spineless, I guess None.

At The Strategist we believe it’s time to differentiate MEN from Boys and the simple litmus test for the same is check whether the Manage follows the ideology of ‘I’ or ‘They’. It is important for us to equip our employees with the skills and qualities of a true blue MANager and also ensure that we have mechanism like employee surveys which will give real time feedback to the organizations which of the Managers are successful and which are not. It should also be the endeavour of the organizations to ensure that rewards & recognition are linked to distinguish these two types of managers.

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