Why is the ‘Feeling’ missing in Feedback?

One of the biggest challenges which most of the managers agree upon is giving Feedback during the appraisal process or otherwise. During the appraisal process this only worsens because the stakes are high and each word is dissected and analyzed by the team members.

If ‘feedback’ is one of the most powerful tool any manager possesses, so powerful that it can not only help team members exceed targets, but also change life and alter the perspectives towards living, what then is the challenge in sharing feedback?

So the question is: Why then do we hesitate in giving / taking Feedback?

One of the biggest challenges in giving feedback is our inability to keep it FACT based; we often shy away from making notes throughout the year and thereby let the ‘Recency’ influence us. Without facts we also fall into the trap of being biased or emotionally overwhelmed.

While taking feedback many of the employees often complain that it is just another ‘checklist’ item and intent is information download rather than seeking a dialogue or having conversations like adults with an objective to help improve upon.

At The Strategist, we believe Feedback is a very powerful tool and we should move beyond fixed formats / agendas. We need to reintroduce the element of ‘Feeling’ in our communication and appreciate the individuality of each employee. Feedback should be an experience sharing session with an intent to share and co-create a future rather than a mundane checklist item wherein information is downloaded and ‘WHY’ you failed is discussed, instead of ‘HOW’ you can succeed.

Building ‘Feeling’ in Feedback instead of ‘Failing’, as a corner stone is not an easy task. Line managers need to be made aware of and equipped with tools to share experiences and build excitement in the feedback sessions. Organizations need to appreciate that Appraisals are not about Assessments only, but also building bonds between dreams which can only happen if we bring back the ‘feeling’ in relationships.

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