We experience more than often that anger ends in shame – Yet we believe that anger is the best way to manage our team members

More than often Team Members have complained that one reason which upsets them the most about their managers is their style of expressing displeasure in public when they are angry, the same sentiment is also expressed when asked ‘what is one thing which you will avoid doing when you graduate from a Team Member to a Manager?’

Management by Anger in simple words means when the manager uses a public platform to express his/her displeasure about an individual/team performance. This expression of displeasure is more than often a verbal diarrhea with high octane decibel levels and without much facts. The not so good feature of this mechanism is the public outrage if not humiliation of the team member in front of his / her colleagues.

Then we wonder why that when we know more than often anger ends in shame, yet many managers believe that anger is the best way to manage their team members. With some it is because they haven’t realized that they use this style, while with many others the possible reasons why they believe this is the most effective style of managing team members could emit from the following reasons :

My Manager Taught me this way only

Many of the existing managers grew in era of radical compliance where in their bosses were super powerful. Even the thought that the bosses could be wrong was considered being disobedient.
As these members grew and observed they learned only one style which is Management by Anger.

Unfortunately over the years our Training Agenda have failed to address this and if even if we did our focus was only restricted to the few who reached the critical mass of senior management role.

It’s easy . . .

Many managers believe that this is far most the easiest style because when you express displeasure and public outrage it not only alerts that individual team member but it also sends signal to all the other team members and thereby addressing each member can be avoided.

As much the above seems to have some logic we fail to understand and appreciate and all members need not necessarily respond positively to pressure and fear of humiliation in a positive fashion and get charged by the same.

My Mechanism to Release Pressure

Some Managers have shared that as much as they hate doing this they use this style unknowingly to release their pressure and frustrations at work place.
As organizations and HR as a function we have failed to build mechanism of ‘Listening Organization’ where in we created platforms for managers to speak freely and thereby release their pressure in a controlled environment.

‘If I don’t, they will think I am not Tough Enough’

As much as managers have realized that it leads to shame, many of them have fallen to the trap of ‘false brand image’ and an insecurity that if they don’t act tough and express their anger their team members would think they are easy to get along with and can be overrun which in turn would make them manage more difficult.

Management by Anger definitely works at times like when soldiers are at war, last few minutes of a highly charged game etc., but by and large in organizations we need to help people find ways and means to release their anger positively. Basically we need to release that this problem exist and cannot ignore any more. We need facilitate our managers to move from Parent – Child syndrome to Adult – Adult.

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