Top 13 HR Trends in the Era on T20- A Research paper by The Strategist & People Matters

The Strategist” team wishes all a great year of Learning and exploring new avenues on the bedrock of Innovation through Intellect. We hope that the Top 13 HR Trends has set a buzz for the New Year and marked our calendars for ‘Things to Do’.

Top 13 HR Trends in the Era on T20- A Research paper by The Strategist & People Matters

The corporate scenario and T20 is surprisingly similar in terms of crushed timelines, faster results, higher commercial stakes, quick decision making by leaders, greater expectations and influences from stakeholders and highly volatile emotions, to list a few.

In this changing scenario, business is evolving its model and methodologies; HR is no more isolated and hence, is under tremendous pressure to adapt. This calls upon strategic HR to think proactively and be future-ready to ensure that the organization and its leaders sustain its competitive edge. Presented here are the 13 trends, which India Inc must look out for and its implications for HR Professionals going forward.

These top 13 HR Trends have been shortlisted from a long list of trends keeping in view the Indian subcontinent as a focus area.

  • CONVERTING EVENTS INTO EXPERIENCES- The focus will be on creating a positive experience for employees . The keyword for the same is not looking at employee engagement activities as mere checklist events, but as avenues to create positive experiences
  • RECYCLING TALENT- TO SAVE MOTHER ORGANIZATION- Businesses are under tremendous stress to ensure sustained profitability. Resourcing strategy will see inclusion of new parameters like flexibility of candidates, ability to learn new things, agility, etc.
  • GEN Y READINESS- HR will have to build the bridge between members from diverse generations.
  • GUARD THE GUARDIANS- Burnout of top leaders is a challenge as it leaves the future of organizations insecure without able and sustained leadership. HR will need to go back to the drawing board to device strategies and plans, which will facilitate balancing this damage.
  • ENTRY OF THE EXIT STRATEGY- Using statistical methods to study the data of employees quitting (within the stickiness period) & employees who have stayed back, will provide great insights into who are the right resources (demographic & other elements) to source is the new way forward.
  • NEIGHBOR’S ENVY, OWNER’S TROUBLE 2013 will witness HR working along with internal communications to propagate social media as an effective medium of communicating and connecting with all.
  • DON’T RAIN MONEY ON TRAIN(ING)- We may see a trend where faculty fees will have a variable component related to feedback of the trainer.
  • TRANSFORMING MERCENARIES INTO MONKS- Single digit increments are a reality and are here to stay. In 2013, employee engagement will move away from monetary elements more than ever and Senior Leadership will make a difference.
  • WHO AM I ? – Companies will have to relook at what kind of employer brand will excite employees across generations.
  • DREAMS WON’T SLOW DOWN IN SLOWDOWN- Aspirations do not slow down in the slowdown, but actually elevate. Managing aspirations of hi-potentials (Hi-pots) in a slow economy with limited opportunities and resources would require innovative solutions and more hands-on approach than ever before.
  • EXIT IS JUST A COMMA, NOT A FULL-STOP- The new trend will see alumni as a great source of an outside-in perspective on many initiatives which organizations plan. HR will need to change tracks to capture the pulse of its alumni network for the benefit of business.
  • OUT OF SIGHT CAN’T BE OUT OF MIND AND HEART- Virtual workforce will be given the same priority and attention (or even more) than physical workforce, to ensure that business stays energized towards its purpose.
  • CAN’T IGNORE NEED FOR SOCIALIZATION- Evolution of HR focusing on building and adapting to more in-house social media tools, which will allow socialization without compromising productivity or other business priorities.
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