This type of kids was draped for the environmentally friendly past episode also

We do not see of every alter having Otto since the i saw Viserys discount him, some 10 years ago in the show’s timeline. He previously already turned out too thinking-interested to get hand, with his talk having Alicent contained in this episode-this new nearest he’s reach appearing legitimate affection having their daughter, as well as shortly after she attempted to cut away an excellent children’s eyes-signifies that the guy remains mostly motivated because of the watching their grandkids into new Iron Throne.

The latest veggies have become … green

Of all of the awful something Alicent along with her infants performed within the which event, you to definitely short you to definitely should not wade undetected: Brand new Targaryen youngsters wearing green for a funeral even if certainly one of Household Targaryen’s color try black.

It’s reminiscent of just how, in Thrones, Cersei’s students appear to wear Lannister purple, as opposed to the reddish out of Home Baratheon. Alicent’s students aren’t bastards, without a doubt, however their clothing options show having the essential sway more him or her.

The fresh new Valyrian Wedding

Rhaenyra and you can Daemon apparently waiting each of ten full minutes just after Laenor’s demise before getting ount of energy introduced, and you will Flame & Blood confides in us it is half a year up until the a couple of wed. That is a fast recovery that will undoubtedly increase questions relating to Laenor’s death and Daemon’s experience of his niece when she was still a young child.

There is also one thing interesting about the book routine that Daemon and Rhaenyra undergo for their matrimony. Instead of every Westerosi wedding receptions there is viewed up until now, that is an extremely small fling, in just Daemon’s and you will Rhaenyra’s students present. Daemon and you can Rhaenyra don peculiar outfits just before cutting its hands and you may throat that have dragonglass and you will smearing bloodstream over its face because they marry. What is going on right here?

This is not a beneficial Westerosi matrimony. It’s good Valyrian you to definitely. It has to started because no wonder to date you to definitely Valyrians had been enthusiastic about blood and you will bloodlines, as long through to the reign of your Targaryens the fresh dragonlords out-of Dated Valyria married brothers in order to siblings. However, do not discover far about Valyrian wedding parties besides you to specific marriage out-of Flames & Blood: one anywhere between following–Prince Maegor and his awesome next partner, Alys Harroway. Of this relationships the book says only so it:

The marriage is performed towards the Dragonstone, within the aegis of one’s Dowager King Visenya. As the castle septon would not officiate, Maegor and his awesome the newest bride to be was entered in the a beneficial Valyrian rite, “marry by blood and you may fire.”

For example Daemon and you can Rhaenyra, Maegor and Alys was indeed marry generally when you look at the wonders, owing to that Maegor’s basic girlfriend, Ceryse Hightower, was still real time. Maegor’s wedding to Alys place brand new domain unstoppable (emergency room, metaphorically, and that actually constantly the situation into Targaryens), prompting his aunt Queen Aenys to help you exile your and the Higher Septon so you’re able to denounce the marriage as the sin and you may fornication. It set the brand new phase for what might possibly be Maegor’s own bloody laws and you will long battle towards Believe of your own 7.

To get than the Maegor will be when you look at the bad business, as you would expect. Although the marriage anywhere between Daemon and you will Rhaenyra will not be quite once the unpalatable just like the one between Maegor and Alys, it’s secure to declare that it’s not going to go over better-particularly whilst generally seems to confirm this new rumors on Daemon and Rhaenyra out-of way too many years back. Design their marriage about Valyrian custom in addition to verifies just how Daemon and Rhaenyra look for its connection-once the a partnership off dragonriders calculated to make use of brand new fire Hvordan registrere seg som en postordre brud from inside the the bloods.

Helaena the newest dreamer

In order to avoid publication spoilers, I got to hold my tongue on one to electric revelation away from past week’s episode. The good news is it may be found: Helaena was a great dreamer!