• Maps the Successors to Critical Roles
  • Target and milestone oriented
  • Facilitates in creating IDP
  • Tracks future readiness on real-time basis

mySucessor is a Succession Planning tool/module to identify critical roles and categorise them into Highly Critical, Critical, Low Critical. It has a robust framework of ‘what is crucial for today’ and ‘vital for tomorrow’ which facilitates in identifying the roles which would fall in the zone of ‘critical to organisation success’ .

Thought Leaders Adda

  • Facilitates the readers to comment or share their thoughts thereby engaging them in the topics
  • It is a monthly publication ensuring that the current events/happenings are not missed
  • It is intriguing and not preachy
  • Easily accessible from mobile
Thought Leaders Adda (TLA)

TLA is an assessment tool based on secondary sources from very reputed and reliable publications / researchers. It is customised to the organisation needs, business goals and employees appetite for learning.

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Success Story

Developed a Succession Framework

Client Background: The Client is an Indian multinational telecommunications Services Company. It operates in 20 countries across South Asia, Africa having worldwide operations with an annual revenue topping $8.5 billion.

Problem Statement : The challenge was to identify a simple yet effective mechanism which will enable in optimizing the current workforce spread across 20 countries and identify the talent which will enable the organization to be future ready.

Solution Design: The Solution proposed and implemented by The Strategist consisted of building a blue print for Global Workforce Planning and a Succession Framework. The Global Workforce Planning was to build an automated and intelligent software logic which enabled the process owner to identify the resources across continents on various complex parameters ranging from skill proficiency level to mobility index. The Succession Framework enabled a dynamic cross reference of 9 box grid (Successor Pool) vis-à-vis critical roles, with an intelligent dashboard.