• Involves managers for exact feedback on training programs
  • Tracks feedback from the participants at all the levels, reaction, learning and results
  • Intelligent dashboards for L&D team to keep check on progress of each training program
  • Gives a snapshot of ROI analysis and recommendation for better investment in next program

myTracker is essentially a ‘Training Feedback’ assessment tool to track the feedback of training programs in a scientific way(Day 1,Day 30, Day 90). It operates from Cloud and is based on SAAS model.

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  • Creates aspirations and promotes 'stay back'
  • Showcase the ‘ big picture’ and ‘bonding’
  • Facilitates in creating action plan for each employee on how to achieve the desired role
  • Enables development through learning resources

iGNITE is a ‘Career Progression Tool’ to empower the employees to choose their career ladder and make them responsible for their development.Thus it shifts the responsibility on the employees to achieve their aspirations.

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  • Facilitates Real time tracking without intruding
  • Facilitates Real time Feedback
  • Alerts all the stakeholders on nearing the milestones like meeting targets for task completion or development goal
  • Target and milestone oriented
myIDP (Individual Development Plans)

myIDP is a ‘Track Development Plan’ to track/follow the progress of Individual Developmental Plans and follow the progress between Coach and Protégé.

It enables in setting development goals which can be part of Career Planning, Coaching Sessions or Post Training Program follow ups. It is easily accessible from mobile phone.

Competency in Action Calculator

  • Easy to operate and implement
  • Completely customised to organisations competencies and their proficiency levels
  • Designed by functional expertise
  • Enables to records the scores of each employees for future references
Competency in Action Calculator(CAC)

CAC is a tool that enables to understand and measure competency in action. It is an intuitive tool and does not invade privacy.Competency Calculator is based on the science of BARS.