Dr. Saumya Goyal


Saumya is one of the rare professionals who come with a combination of Academic Research & Corporate Application. She is a Gold Medalist with dual Masters Degree in Management & Org. Psychology, post her Bachelors in Engineering.
Her first doctorate dissertation was on ‘Workforce Diversity in the Indian IT Sector”. She is currently pursuing her second doctorate in Org. Psychology.

Saumya has an excellent track in Corporate Research in the field of Human Resources. She was a member of the Strategic Research & Intelligence @ UBS (Now CTS). In her capacity as Senior Intelligence Analyst she was responsible for providing intelligence consulting to enable the Human Resources and Education (HR&E) Executive team to make better strategic decisions and take more effective actions.
Prior to UBS she was associated with Deloitte and Satyam in similar roles as an Analyst in Research, Quality & Knowledge Management. To her credit, Saumya has almost a dozen articles published in renowned National & International Journals.

At Strategist as the Chief Research Officer she is leading the Research wing with focus on Future People Trends, Corporate Research & Academic research with leading Universities across the globe.