Talent Custodians: Legacy of “Talent” is far more fruitful than loyalty of deadwood

‘Talent Custodian’ is the new expectation from HR professionals, by Senior Leadership and Employees across the organizations. So what does that mean and what are the implications for us, both in the short run and long term?

Talent Custodian isn’t a totally radical concept but something which many of us have treaded along with time. Talent Custodian in short reflects the expectations of identifying, nurturing & plugging them.

Many have debated on the definition of the word ‘Talent’; for us in simple words it means ‘any employee who can make a positive difference towards the organization’s purpose either in short run or long term’.

Talent is a highly precious commodity and if organizations fail to respond to them; someone else from the competition will respond. With this reality around it is worthless to get into a debate whether it is fair to respond in a differential way to ‘Talent’ vis-a-vis other employees in the same organization.

As Talent Custodians the greatest challenge is in nurturing them and aligning their aspirations to organizational realities. In today’s world we have built efficient mechanisms to identify the ‘Talent’ but the challenge exists in terms of developing the ‘Raw Power’ into a ‘Channelized Energy’ source and thereafter making the organization systems and power structures to accept these group of smart workers who appear ‘out of turn’ and want to ‘over run’ the existing way of doing things.

At The Strategist we believe that the Talent Custodian role is a challenge which we should gear up fast to ensure that the continuity exists in the organizations and based on that legacy new challenges like Scalability etc. can be addressed with ease. Legacy of “Talent’ is far more fruitful than Loyalty of deadwood. . .

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