HR & Business Plan Alignment (HR Business Plan Roadmap)

  • 3/5 years Road Map
  • Annual Operating Plans based on Roadmap
  • Audit of the Roadmap Strategy/ Annual Operating Plan
HR & Business Plan Alignment (HR Business Plan Roadmap)
It is an assessment aimed at identifying pockets of inefficiencies and creating opportunities for streamlining and re-organization to provide the basis for the decision making in the HRM Function.

We at The Strategist believe that any HR Strategy should reflect and help the organization to understand the priorities and initiatives of the HRM Function and also help the employees of the HRM Function prioritize their activities.

HR Strategy Post M&A

  • Aligning HR Strategy post M&A
  • Acceptance Mood Meter
  • Organization Restructuring
HR Strategy Post M&A
Our key focus is on HR Strategy Alignment post Mergers & Acquisitions for streamlining the HR Function to help the organization achieve enhanced efficiencies.

We at The Strategist, design a model that helps us to get ‘big picture’, conduct ‘SWOT analysis’, determine ‘critical people issues’, developing solutions, implementing the action plans and evaluating the feedback.

Future Readiness

  • Acceptance Mood Meter
  • Organization Readiness level for major M&A
  • Organization Restructuring etc
  • Stakeholder Management
  • Communication Strategies
Future Readiness
We at The Strategist, conduct various assignments in scrutinising future readiness for the effectiveness of People Practices, for major M&A and also check the acceptance of mood meter.

The idea is to design a 3 to 5 years roadmap depending upon the employees' connect and delight parameters. Post deliberations a Mood Meter Analysis Report is generated which highlights the immediate focus areas, long term interventions and whether the organization is ready for some major M & A.

Succession Planning

  • Leadership Development
  • Succession Planning
  • Future Readiness Audit
  • Leadership DNA
Succession Planning
We at The Strategist believe in pursuing succession planning actively as it not only helps the employees to fulfil their dreams of reaching higher level, but also helps the organization well prepared for expansion or organization redesign.

We have devised various models that help in conducting effective training of potential employees to develop their knowledge, skills and abilities and also prepare them for more challenging roles.

Values Deployment

  • Values Alignment across Employee Lifecycle
  • Institutionalization of Values
  • Identifying & Aligning Values to vision
Values Deployment
Aligning the values to vision plays a critical role in progression of an organization. Core values are what shape the culture and reflect in the identity and we at The Strategist thoroughly believe in Values Alignment across Employee Lifestyle.

Core values not only educate the client and potential customers but also aid in recruitment and retaining the talents. Organization values need to be imbibed along the way.

Process Re-engineering

  • Focus Areas for Virtualization & Roadmap
  • 3rd Party Outsourcing Roadmap
  • Change Management Plan
  • Stakeholder Management Plan
Process Re-engineering
We at The Strategist specialize in Process Re-engineering with an aim to improve efficiency in an existing system and also enable the existing process to overcome the challenges of scale and operate in diverse geographies. The ideal situation is to cause minimal disruption and redefine workflow efficiency to ensure minimally iterative processes.

Automation (if required) is introduced to augment a re-engineered system or process to further improve/upgrade the efficiency. Automation helps diminish barriers like distance, availability, time and brings transparency in transaction processing. We firmly believe re-engineering should be with a minimally disruptive approach. We also believe in a strong change management process which helps break some myths like automation is a threat to existing jobs. We need to build confidence that automation and re-engineering are tools which will make existing jobs more efficient & accountable, thus enhancing efficiencies.

Success Story-1

Developed unified Training process

Client Background: The Client is a major consulting & professional services MNC (Big 4) headquartered in the United States. The Indian operations have more than 12000 employees and are the fastest growing region across the globe.

Problem Statement : During the last few years, the training function grew at a very rapid pace, with each division building its own portfolio and training processes. This translated into non -standardization of processes and differential employee experience.

Solution Design: The Strategist re-engineered the existing process in line with the business needs and future growth plans with an intent to standardize the process & ensure consistent experience among participants. The deliverable consisted of a unified Training Process and “Train the Trainer” program for all the HR employees.

Success Story-2

Re-engineered Recruitment Process

Client Background: The Client is one of the world’s largest Food and Beverages organization, headquartered in the United States. The Indian operations account for over One Billion USD.

Problem Statement: The client was exploring the idea of optimizing the existing Recruitment process with a dual intent of Automation and building an in-house RPO.

Solution Design: As a part of the study, team from The Strategist studied all the current stakeholders’ recruitment processes, post which the core business differential process and generic transactional processes were mapped. The deliverable consisted of re-engineered process which specified what can be automated & how, what can be outsourced with SLA and what will stay with the Recruitment team with success metrics.

Success Story-3

Developed tools for Value Deployment

Client Background : The Client is a global food and beverage leader with its headquarters in the US. Its net revenue is worth more than $65 billion and a product portfolio generate more than $1 billion each in annual retail sales.

Problem Statement : During the internal assessment of management, a need was felt to strengthen the existing ‘awareness’ and ‘adoption’ levels of one of the ‘Core Values’ of the organization - ranging from the CXO to last line of factory and sales.

Solution Design : The Strategist proposed building a set of tools which would help the participants know their existing awareness and status on the concerned ‘Values’ and build a group action plan to be tracked by them. As a part of the study, the team from The Strategist studied the existing ‘Values’ of the organization and had multiple rounds of discussion with the Management. Post study, a set of tools was developed based on the research of each topic, and the same was validated for their reliability & consistency before being rolled out. The deliverable consisted of a set of 8 tools – ‘Train the Trainer Kit’ and an ‘Action Plan Tracker’ for each employee desk.