Shortest English Language word that contains the letters: abcdef? . . ‘Feedback’. Yet the longest journey it takes….

Often we as HR professionals or People Champions are criticized for not ensuring that ‘Feedback’ is not a regularized process or a component of the overall performance management or engagement framework.

Feedback generally comes into highlight during the appraisal season and as the season fades away so does the need and urgency of institutionalizing feedback.

Many organizations have made serious attempts to institutionalize feedback as a regular process either in form of ‘Conversations’ or ‘Meetings without Agenda’ etc., besides the regular formal mechanisms of project reviews or monthly reviews.

What is surprising is that much of our efforts have been invested into ‘How to Give Feedback’. Tons of time and efforts have been invested into equipping managers on how to give feedback and ensure that the same are effective and crisper in nature.

What we may have missed in this process is ‘Are employees geared up / trained to Receive Feedback in the right spirit ?’

One of the neglected areas is, understanding the sensitivities whether, the employees are ready to take feedback. In many cases we have observed even if the employees have not taken the ‘right’ feedback it is more than often the manager is blamed for not being effective.

So why is taking feedback the longest journey for many of us ?

There are multiple reasons why employees often find it tough to travel this journey. Some of the prominent reasons being :

  • Lack of a ‘secured personality profile’ and the readiness to accept that things can go wrong
  • Family upbringing – A positive culture where in Listening is encouraged as much as sharing or talking.
  • Personal biases towards the manager who is giving feedback. – More often the project manager gives feedback and not the people manager. The project manager role demands that they are tough and at times unreasonable, this brings a false illusion among employees that their managers are not their well wishers and biased.
  • Receiving Feedback is as important as Giving Feedback. So how can we enable our employees to take Feedback ‘Constructively’?

  • Build Trust and Encourage Employees to Listen Respectfully
  • Be sure they understand – We need to communicate all the times not only at ‘extreme times’ (Good or Bad)
  • Acknowledge that the speaker is sharing for their benefit
  • Encourage them not to become defensive – It’s not personal!
  • Build an atmosphere to accept that we all have bad days at office
  • Receiving Feedback in a constructive way is a critical component which has been grossly underestimated and often ignored, it is high time that we ensure that we handhold all the required stakeholder to smoothen and shorten this journey. . . . .

    The Firm

    We are delighted to share that the series of ‘HR Business Partner’ Workshops in collaboration with ‘Inconnectiva’ was very well received and tremendous appreciation and participation.

    It’s a pleasure to announce that the next series is focused on ‘Employee Experience Management’ leading into Employee Engagement. As part of this series the focus is going to be on – How can you expect your disengaged employees to engage customers. (Engage employees through memorable experiences). The series will explore the complete Employee Life Cycle from Attraction to Exit and during each of the stages of the life cycle what are the ‘Moments of Truth’ and how can HR enable them to become memorable experience. For more details visit

    We are also happy to share that we have strengthened our team by inducting five more Associates in the roles of Strategist, Lead Strategist and Principal Strategist.


    Career Aspiration Tool – Going Live

    We are pleased to share that we are all geared up to deliver the Career Aspiration tool for one of our prestigious clients. The client is in the IT / ITES domain with roles spanning across from delivery to architect to domain specialist.

    As part of the intervention, The Strategist has redrafted more than 100 Job Descriptions to align them all. Parallel the Competency framework was crafted in line with the emerging business plans. All the roles have been mapped to the proficiency levels and thereby an ideal State has been created in the system. The system now enables and empowers the employees to choose an inspirational and aspiration role and post their choice the system highlights the strengths and gaps and even suggests the possible training programs to be attended in months to come.

    ‘myManager Connect’ Index – Delivered!

    We are pleased to share that we have successfully delivered myManager Connect cycle. As part of the exercise more than 500 managers received feedback from their team members and the implementation was done with zero error. Currently the dissemination of results are being circulated.


    Customized Gen Y study for a Global Conglomerate . . .

    We are pleased to share that the Gen Y Research framework has been well appreciated by all quarters. As a confident gesture of the same we are in talks with a Global Conglomerate to commission a detailed in-depth research for them which would focus on India and cover a population of 750 plus employees in the age bracket 23 to 25 yrs.

    We are open to more organizations participating in the study and to know more please feel to free to write to

    Social Media @ Workplace, the analysis and report . . .

    We are pleased to share that we had very good response for the research on Social Media @ workplace. We are currently consolidating all the findings and are moving to the stage of data analysis and interpretation.

    Publications & Tool Kits

    101 ideas on Employee Engagement

    We are pleased to share that our publication on 101 ideas for engaging employees is deeply appreciated. In the last couple of months we have seen a upward movement in the sale of this publication and have received rave reviews for the same. Many of the readers have complimented on the fact that the ideas are not only unique but also simple to understand and implement.

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