Three Dimensional Sales Profile

  • Maximize the effectiveness of identifying the right talent
  • Increase productivity by identifying hidden causes of poor performance
  • Make a more customized and effective development plan for your people
Three Dimensional Sales Profile(SP-3D)
SP-3D is a comprehensive sales assessment system which enables you to make better selection & development decisions of salespeople and predict performance of the sales team.
SP-3D assesses 3 Critical dimensions:
  • Cognition- How quick, strong, and effective is the candidate
  • Behavior – How energetic, sociable, productive, competitive, emotionally tough, focused on desired end result, How determined is the candidate?
  • Values/ Motivation – Does the Value system of the candidate match Job requirements?
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    Sales Aptitude Test

    • Determine the suitability of the candidate for sales roles
    • Effective hiring of graduates for sales positions
    • Bulk lateral hiring of sales professionals from 0.6 to 2 year experience
    • Identification of high potential candidates to be sent for advanced sales training
    Sales aptitude Test (SaT)
    SaT assesses the aptitude for sales by asking situational and scenario based questions. It helps you as a recruiter to make better selection and development decisions with regard to the sales aptitude of the candidate. SaT measures a single characteristic, ‘to what extent the candidate has an aptitude for sales?’ and it gives the results in terms of percentile by comparing the candidate with other sales professionals (more than 11000) from a variety of sales roles.
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    Success Story -1

    Identifying critical success factors

    Client Background : The client is a training organization which conducts sales training programs for fresh college graduates who are aspiring to enter into high paying technical sales jobs. The client has tied up with several educational institutes to conduct training program for their students. Similar agreements are also done with technology oriented organizations to provide them qualified manpower who are ready to face challenges for technology sales.

    Problem Statement : The client approached us with the problem of identifying ‘high potential’ students who have what it takes to be a star performer in technical sales jobs. As the intake was high (>5000 students in a year) and training students was quite an expense, the client wanted a solution that is easy to implement and scalable while being accurate in identifying the Critical Success Factors.

    Solution Design : Our consultants worked with the client to identify Critical Success Factors by conducting assessments on identified high performing people in many different technology sales roles. Once these factors were identified, ‘Three Dimensional Sales Profile (SP3D)’ and ‘Workplace Personality Inventory (WPI-Pro)’ were proposed to the client to be used as pre-test and post-test in the sales training program. Inputs from SP3D were used to fine tune the training program to the profile of the group.

    After couple of batches were placed, the client conducted a survey on those who were trained through the program using the above mentioned tests and those who had not undergone the program. It was reported that the average pay of those who were trained was 20% higher than the other students. Apart from this, several other criteria related to effectiveness of the tests in identifying high potential students were examined by the client. The client is using our assessment tools since 2011.