Emotional Quotient Inventory Program

  • Recruit people who are not only technically smart but emotionally equipped to deliver superior performance
  • Make a more customized and effective professional development plan for your employees
  • Do an EQ audit of the whole organization and prepare the way forward
  • Increase the possibility of selecting right people having high potential
Emotional Quotient inventory for Professionals
EQiP is a comprehensive Emotional Intelligence assessment tool which helps you to identify the level of development of emotional intelligence in the participant with regard to 4 distinct emotional competencies viz.
  • Understanding self
  • Managing Self
  • Understanding Others
  • Managing Relationships
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    Management Style Inventory

    • Assess what kind of managerial style is suitable for different organizations
    • Ensure compatibility between managers and team
    Managerial Style Inventory (MSI)
    MSI enables in decoding the managerial style and gives insight about the top performing managers who can be groomed to take up challenging roles & responsibilities in future.

    Personality Type Indicator

    • Promote teamwork by making team members more aware of each other’s psychological make up
    • Run professional development programs in more personalized manner by providing the inputs on the learning styles of the group
    • Promote better group problem solving skills by valuing the contribution of each team member
    Personality Type Indicator (PTi)
    PTI is a powerful tool to create awareness and promote teamwork in organizations by helping people to understand about their inherent preferences, potential strengths and weaknesses.

    Dichotomous scales of PTI:
  • Extraversion vs. Introversion
  • Sensing vs. Intuition
  • Thinking vs. Feeling
  • Judging vs. Perceiving and Preference Clarity Index (from 0% - 100%)
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    Success Story-1

    Grooming the first time managers

    Client Background : The client is an HR consultant providing its services to several mid-sized as well as large organizations across India. One of its customers gave an assignment to train first time managers (FTMs) of managerial skills spanning in a year.

    Problem Statement : The client wanted a valid and reliable tool that can be used to evaluate Emotional Competencies of professionals in its client organizations.

    Solution Design : EQiP was employed as a pre and post assessment tool for the program for FTMs. Additionally, personalized support was offered to the client for the entire duration of the training program.

    The program was a big success and objective assessments conducted, added a great value to the program. The client signed a successive deal with its customers for the next year program. The client is using this assessment system since 2008.