Happiness Index

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Happiness Index

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Product Description

Happiness Index (Employee Mood Meter) attempt to measure the intensity of happiness of employees at various pre-determined time frame.

It is designed to assess and analyze the moods of the overall employees at the various levels ranging from organization to a team, from location to location, different hierarchical levels, across geographies, gender etc.

Happiness Index is not a replacement for employee satisfaction or myManager connect but a tool which will enable them. The purpose is to do dip stick study from time to time to address sudden spikes of happiness or unhappiness


Online survey software on SAAS model
Participant has to just click on icons to reflect his / her mood
Self-report instrument
Analyzes the results instantly
Ability to add comments
Detailed Analytic Reports for Process Owners
3D graph etc for ease of analysis

£250 per annum(Limit:up to 500 employees)

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