Point of Experience – The Next Orbit in Appraisals

One of the prevalent complaints in any of the existing formats of appraisals is that the employees believe that it is ok if they have failed to impress their bosses through the first three quarters, as long as they can ‘manage their image’ in the last quarter & reap the benefits of the ‘recency effect’.

Employees have also suffered often because of the change of Managers / Assessors just prior to the trigger of appraisals. This change of managers could be on account of unavoidable reasons like resignation or transfers etc. but it affects the appraise adversely. At times like these often the Knowledge Transfer (KT) is focused on the business nuts & bolts and the employees / team members performance details tends to take a back seat.

The third challenge is in roles which have high interface with stakeholders (internal / external). The instant feedback shared by the stakeholders is often confined to warm words like ‘good job’ or’ great going’ or ‘keep the good work’ and seldom translates into tangible feedback for the year end appraisals.

Building an appraisal system which will cater to some of the above challenges, requires lucidity and change in organization culture. We can pick up tips from the CRM and Sales & Account Management for some conceptual elements.

Point of Experience is not a new concept in management. In short, Point of Experience is capturing the best understanding of a consumer’s thinking and satisfaction regarding a product or business at their point-of-experience –i.e the place of their purchase decision or their experience with the business.

From the HR or Employee perspective for Appraisals it is to build a mechanism where these experiences can be captured on real time basis throughout the year. At the end of the year these inputs can be consolidated into a overall feedback which would form the bedrock for appraisals and assessments.

At The Strategist we believe the above are some of the simple ways in which each one of us can take baby steps in building a stronger mechanism for capturing the real work performance and reducing the need for ‘manage my image’. We have successfully implemented these ideas in two organizations and the results have been very impressive. The appraisals have hit the glass ceiling in their current form and need a review to manage the complexities of today’s business, Point of Experience is just another Pointer towards that direction . . .

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