Monday Blues….Is it About Work, Is it About for Whom we Work or Is it About Where we work ….

Monday Blues is a syndrome which many of our employees are effected with. Monday Blues simply means we wish that Monday’s don’t come or we drag our feet and reach somehow to work place or we reach the work place but land up in a tussle or bad mood.

For some the Monday blues starts with Sunday evening itself where in we are hassled with the new week beginning in.

So where does the challenge lie, with our inability to manage loads of work or our disinterest in the roles which we are performing or the organization where we are working or the Manager for whom we are working for ?

A closer inspection reveals many of us like the work we are doing and also like the organization that we are working for. The basis for this hypothesis is because both of these are in control of the individual. The individual here can choose the work he / she likes and also the organization which they prefer to work for.

So that means the third dimension is the possible area of challenge which is the Whom do we work for. Very rarely do the employees get the choice to choose their managers most of the times it is reverse where in the managers choose their team members.

So why are the managers a challenge?

Multiple reasons can be attributed for Managers not been able to do justice to the needs and aspirations of the employees thereby sowing the seed of dissatisfaction which finally leads to them departing from the organizations.

The Top 3 reasons being:

The First and foremost reason for dissatisfaction for the employees from their managers is the Managers inability to represent the organization in its fullest. Employees see and experience the organization from the eyes and feeling of managers. When these managers behave in a manner which is not in line with the organization’s philosophy it not only leads to confusion but also mistrust because the employees walk into the organization with a set of beliefs and they seem to come down crashing.

The second foremost reason why employees get

disenchanted with managers is their lack of priority for employee issues. As much as the managers are expected to nurture the employees and their aspirations more than often it is experienced that for managers employees come a distant third, the first two slots taken by clients and investors. Many a times the reason being PEOPLE as a dimension is missing in their in KRAs / KPIs.

The Third being that Managers are not equipped to manage people or their erratic emotions. Managers (mostly left brain) can’t figure out why we behave the way we do.

At The Strategist we believe that some simple steps can build a healthy work culture between Managers & Employees and HR can act as a Coach rather than being a policeman. (myManager connect is a step towards that)

Monday blues can be a past provided we

The Firm

We are happy to share that we are moving to a new office. The new office which is approx 3000 Sq. ft is based on Road No 12 Banjara Hills with a panoramic view. The office has a state-of-the-art infrastructure and we believe that this will enable each of our members to deliver more to our clients. The office has been designed to cater to the needs of a innovative & intellectual Firm with provisions of white boarding, ideation rooms, library etc

We are also excited to share that the current series of ‘HR Business Partner’ Workshops in collaboration with Inconnectiva has received tremendous appreciation and participation.

We are also happy to share that now we have a presence in Middle East. We have an representative in Jeddah (Saudi Arabia)


Culture Audit – Gearing up from the Next Orbit

We are pleased to share that we have been considered by one the most prestigious organizations in India. The organization with a legacy of around 80 years plus operates in the automotive and industrial engineered solutions with an Employee base of 3000 plus.

As part of the intervention The Strategist will study the following components to study the Readiness of the Organization for the Next Best Leap. Is the Culture an Enabler or no, What is the pulse of the employees, Is the employer brand ready to attract smart talent, Are the communication frameworks geared up to engage employees, enable business and energize organization.

Internal Communication Strategy & Framework – Delivered

We are pleased to share that we have successfully delivered the Internal Communication Strategy & Framework for one of the largest Auto division for a prestigious conglomerate.

As part of the solution the Strategy component focused on the deliberations on Digital Vs Non Digital (the way forward), how internal communication cater to multiple stakeholders across generations at workplace and allied stakeholders like families etc. The recommendations also included on the journey towards being a Listening Organization (more aligned and sensitive) etc.


Invitation to be Part of the Gen Y . . .

We are pleased to share that we have launched the Gen Y research study. We have more than 500 respondents already taken the survey. The respondents cut across industry and geography profile.

We are open to more organizations participating in the study and to know more please feel to free to write to

Launching the research on Social Media @ Workplace . . . We are pleased to share that we are launching the research on Social Media @ workplace. The idea of the research is to understand what are the impacts of social media in a employee lifecycle and how should HR gear up to manage the same.

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