Me Mere Mortal . . . Building the mindset (Sequel)

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In this era of sequels, couldn’t resist the temptation; so here we go…
Before that, the story so far…
Everything comes to an end- fairy tales, good times, bad times and even our lives. So the question than arises is-Does accepting the fact that we are Mortals help us in any way? Well, the debate is still on. People who believe this, like the Sufi saints in Kashmir sleep in coffins every night as they believe that this could be their last sleep. These set of people often cherish the sunrise of the next morning more than others and respect the each day as a gift. Psychologists have shared that people who had near death experiences, were very good at prioritizing in their life post such experiences and often cherish their lives more than others.
So how does having a mindset of ‘me mere mortal’ helps us in our corporate lives? Some being:
• It helps accepting failures faster
• It brings a sense of urgency & focus
• It helps appreciate finer things
• It promotes the idea of Celebrating every success
• It makes you agile and helps evolve
• It keeps you grounded
The new beginning… So how does one ensure that one is in the mindset of me mortal?
Let our ego be mortal
One of the biggest factors that leads us to believe that we are immortals and prevents us from evolving is our ego. Our ego grows with each success and with every step which we take towards the power center and this short-circuits our sensitivities towards our surroundings and our original belief system which enabled the success in the first place.
We need to ensure that we do a reality check from time to time whether our ego is mortal or immortal and the best way to do so is to check how we are treating the people around us, especially those who are the weakest in the value chain.
Let our experience & expertise be mortal
Our successful experience and expertise sometime makes us rigid because we start believing that only our way is the sure shot way of getting what we want. We don’t want to disturb the apple cart by attempting to do anything new. This an irony since the reason we achieved success in the first place was because we moved away from the tried & tested.
We need to ensure we keep experimenting with our past experiences & expertise by incorporating new ideas and not just re-run the same. We need to be open to criticism of our works/ ideas by new generations and explore new insights on what has be done. We need to encourage positive insights on our past works and celebrate worthwhile criticism.
Let us continue to be students of life
Why do we believe at a stage in life that we know everything and there isn’t much to learn from others or ourselves? Many of us have been average students in our academic years, but turned out to be great students of life. That was the reason why we evolved with time and reached great heights of success. But with each success we let go of the student mindset and picked up the mindset of ‘I Know’.
We need to re-energize the philosophy of ‘When was the last time you did something for the first time’. This would ensure we don’t get stuck to our past and keep exploring new avenues from time to time as we did when we were students. We need to bring back the enthusiasm of learning things and challenge the existing ones.
Let our failures be mortal
Sometimes, unexpected failures make us defensive in our approach and we tend to stick to the safe path. But failures teach us more than one thing. We don’t realize by doing so we are stuck to a mediocre legacy which is depreciating with each passing day.
We need to realize and accept that just like success, failures too have an expiry date. We need to move on and start a new day with new belief and approach. It is as simple as playing any sport where we don’t give up if we lose a match; we rework the strategy and approach the game with a new perspective.
In short having a mindset of ‘me mere mortal’ helps us to reinvent ourselves by adapting to what is around us, without much pain & resistance. This ever evolving process also ensures that we are relevant to the times and are able to cherish the happenings around us to the fullest.

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