Managed Global Recruitment

Client Background
The client is a Multinational FMCG company operating in more than 6 countries and employing more than 20,000 professionals across different geographical location. The company hires an average of 2000-2500 professional every year for its different offices in Asia and Africa. The hiring process was decentralized and the company wanted to bring in centralization in terms of assessment and evaluation.

Problem statement
The client wanted a screening as well as a pre-interview tool that can be used at two different stages in the selection process. Also there was a need for a system which can administer tests in multiple languages and which can be managed online from a single location.

Solution Design
It was proposed to have an online test administration account with possibility to administer tests in multiple languages and generate all the reports in English (as English was the language of business for the client). We provided 6 different tests to the client (Sales Aptitude Test, Three Dimensional Sales Profile, Emotional Quotient Inventory for Professionals, Workplace Personality Inventory for Professionals and Occupational Interest Inventory)
In addition to this, the online system allowed them to manage test administration in bulk and integrate the whole system with their recruitment software. An analysis was conducted to evaluate the ROI of the initiative by taking into account the factors like reduction in employee turnover, reduction in total time of recruitment, increase in satisfaction level of the HR professionals and estimated 900% ROI was observed in a year. The client is using this system since 2009.

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