Make Way for that 25th Hour in your day

Often we realize this paradox of how none of us went back to our loved ones when we were growing up with the challenge of ‘Work Life Balance’, whether it was after playing for hours together in the sun or after completing multiple tasks ranging from doing homework to play time to running errands for the elders etc. and today when we have the access to best of technology, an environment of abundance, the power to call the shots, the support system of teams and help at home we still struggle with the idea of a smile while going to bed.

So what is it now that makes some of us tired, bored, worked up and that in turn gives rise to the problem of work – life balance or stress or depression or just living life like a zombie. Well, the answer is a compilation of multiple factors leading to a complex scenario but one common thing that runs through is the Lack of Time to Pursue Something which you are passionate about on a daily basis.

Many of us live in this false belief that a 10 day vacation in a year is good enough to charge our batteries for the whole year, whereas the solution lies in the idea of making way for the 25th Hour every day.

So what is this idea of 25th Hour in a day? In simple words it is taking out 60 minutes in the 1440 minutes we have in the day for yourself. These 60 minutes you create for yourself and no one else. These 60 minutes can be in one go or a maximum of 4 parts of 15 minutes in a day (Get up 15 minutes earlier, spend 15 minutes of lunch time with yourself, take out 15 minutes when you leave the office and 15 minutes before you finally call it a day).

The question that arises is how is this 25th Hour different from other 24 which we live – well, some of the differentiators can be as follows

  • It is invisible to others – 24 Hours are visible and accountable to all of your near and dear ones but the 25th Hour is visible to you only, so in a way you shut out your near and dear ones and other stakeholders in that hour and thus make your invisible to others and thereby create a space for yourself
  • It is Accountable to You only – Since others don’t have an access to this hour, you are accountable and responsible to yourself only and need not worry justifying the same. Since It is your ‘Me’ Time you can decide the agenda / no agenda and be happy and contented with it.
  • It is responsible to you and not other way – The biggest difference is that during this time you are not responsible to anyone else but your heart & soul. We need not worry about being responsible to address anybody else needs and aspirations but to that of ourselves. The idea is to pursue something or nothing in either case it should give you pleasure at the end of that time.

How does 25th Hour make a difference in our live

  • It reflects that Life is much more than what we chase – 24 hours of our day are so jam packed that we hardly get time to reflect on what is happening in our lives, many of us are living life as we are on a treadmill 24*7 and have forgotten what is happening around us. This time will help to pause and reflect whether we are chasing the right stuff in our lives or is there a need to take a diversion.
  • It helps to detox – It isn’t surprising that many of us professionals are actually introverts in nature but spend most of the time with people around with a smile.

Many of us have built our career rather by opportunities that came up than by the choices we wanted to pursue. Doing something which doesn’t come to us naturally builds pressure and stress over a period of time which in turn needs outlet to release the same.

  • It brings sanity – Many of us regret decisions which we take during rush hour and reason for the same is that we are so caught up in the loops that we swing towards a particular dimension more because of emotional bent rather that rational. During this time since you are with yourself it helps build sanity in you and your thoughts, which is a strong foundation for taking decisions in rush hours

The journey towards the 25th hour isn’t an easy one, we will face many hurdles ranging from being guilty that one hour we living for ourselves only to missing the buzz of our mobile phones to feeling the terror of silence in the beginning to many others. But it is imperative for us to understand and appreciate that we have to overcome these and make way for the 25th hour so that don’t have to struggle with the idea of having a smile while going to bed.

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