Life isn’t some kind of never-ending Olympic meet with a gold medal at the end . . . or is it ?

One popular discussion topic which cuts across all stereotypes and groups whether it is Gender, Religion, AHierarchy or Industry type is the battle of Work – Life balance.

Most of us over a drink on Friday evening crib about it, on a Saturday evening resolve to do something about it, on Sunday evening start diluting the resolution by falling for checking the emails (so that Monday morning isn’t a big pain) and finally on Monday morning forget what was the weekend resolution or ignore the same by saying it’s for those ‘romantic fools’ who believe life is a post card from a travel trip pinned on your refrigerator.

So the question that arises is that whether Work Life Balance is just a nice fad which we like to discuss or is it truly a challenge which we aren’t able to overcome and as a result are slowly dying, decaying and in some cases even giving up the fight to change.

Work Life balance is definitely a challenge which many of us are grappling with no clue as to how much it is making us suffer or how to draw the ‘lakshman rekha’ ( the famous concept from Ramayana stating ‘This is it!’)

So where does the battle begin and can someone win this battle . . .

The battle begins with the mindset where we believe that Life is some kind of never-ending Olympic meet with a gold medal at the end. Some may agree to this and many others may not, but let’s explore the root cause a bit more in detailed together. . .

Life surely can be an Olympic Meet . . . but not a Never Ending one
For the go getters, dreamers and achievers among us, Life is surely an Olympic Meet with a Gold Medal at the end. This medal could be a promotion, an increment, a bigger car, a wilder vacation and so on. There is nothing wrong with this quest, the challenge arises when it becomes a never ending quest.

Without pausing at the moment we achieve something, even without celebrating that success or relishing the pleasure of achievements, we are already on the next quest and thus unable to break this vicious cycle.

Life isn’t an Individual Sport but a Team Sport
Of late, many of us have started believing that life is an individual sport where in only ‘We (I)’ in our individual capacity are the center of universe or we are living under a false illusion that we are somehow responsible for the lives of those loved ones around us.

Feeling responsible for others is a good thing, but believing that whatever we are doing, is for them is surely a myth. Many of us love to run this never ending Olympic marathon for ourselves, but simply use them as an excuse to justify our fixation for work.

Life is more than simply experiencing animal pleasures
We are animals but Social Animals and we amiss that many a times. Life isn’t only about experiencing for oneself.

Do ask yourself these questions & your own answers will show the way forward

Life is not one-dimensional, it’s all about balance
If life was one-dimensional why don’t we
see a single color rainbow . . .

Does Life recognize only Work as our Identity
Why do we believe that achievements
at work are our only identity ?

So what next, how do we resolve, let’s explore some thoughts
•Balance obsession for career with a passion for life. (Even Olympics are held once in four years;, lets learn to pause, reflect and then strive for next goals after each achievement)

•Practice to Switch off the Smart Phone for at least Couple of Hours during the weekend (We need to start trusting that the world is a better place without us and no one is going to miss us)

•Check are you playing like an individual or team (We need to have more conversations with our near and dear ones on what life holds for all of us and build around that)

•Is work your only identity . . . Every time when we introduce ourselves in a social gathering do we just talk about work or do we have other subjects to discuss.

Well there is no denial that this is easier said than done but then how boring would life become if we don’t have a challenging adversary to overcome . . . Let’s begin the new journey

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