L & D Strategy Alignment

  • Aligning L & D function to business goals
  • Creating truly strategic L & D functions
L & D Strategy Alignment
For a significant number of organizations who invest in training and development, training remains tactical, and learning processes are fragmented and ad hoc. In order for the L & D function to be recognized as truly strategic, garnering executive sponsorship (and even ownership) is essential, as also developing the mind-set and capability to understand the emerging needs of the business, talking business with stakeholders and developing the capability to design ‘just in time’ learning solutions that harness current issues.

We believe that it is possible for the L & D function to be a driver of emerging business solutions by increasing the relevance of training to the business need and therefore demonstrating the value, RoI and impact of learning and development initiatives.

L & D Process

  • Designing optimized and cost effective L & D processes
  • Design and build of L & D workflow systems and Learning Management Systems
  • Program management of L & D programs including identification of faculty and train the trainer support
L&D Process
Building the capabilities of the L & D function to ensure that the learning objectives are met, and there is visible business impact is a key challenge for organizations since there are several intangibles involved, and the fact remains that apart from large organizations, the robustness of L&D process and systems is yet to evolve. It is therefore critical for any learning organization to have processes that work and that are backed up by simple yet effective automated systems for not only managing the programs from a logistical perspective, but also intelligent enough to be able to leverage analytics to pick out trends and measures of success for programs.

We understand the depth and complexity of the learning and development space, its interdependencies with strategy and tactics alike and are therefore geared to design process that are cost effective and yet intelligent enough to provide visibility on ROI and business impact.

Learning Organization

  • Learning Organization readiness audits
  • Learning Organization roadmaps and frameworks
  • Building organizations where learning is self-driven with L&D as a facilitator
Learning Organization
A learning organization is an organization skilled at creating, acquiring, and transferring knowledge, and at modifying its behaviour to reflect new knowledge and insights.
A company that facilitates the learning of all of its members and that continuously transforms itself. Organizations need to transform themselves to manage the pressures of modern business and enables them to remain competitive in the business environment.

We recognize the challenges of the business environment as well as the aspirations for growth – we believe in bridging this through the creation of a learning organization where learning is a part of the culture rather than being relegated to a training calendar.