It’s Time for the Lords to Empty their Cups – Welcoming New Age Learnings!

The dwindling global economy and increasing competition have forced the companies to take a relook at their existing strategies. In order to succeed in these challenging times, all the functions are reinventing themselves and Learning & Development is not immune to this trend either.

So has Learning & Development spent time in learning about itself? Is it ready to unlearn? Is it ready to let go of some of its clichés which are not relevant anymore? Is it ready to embrace the future? Is it aligned to business needs and employee aspirations? These are some of the questions which The Strategist’s most recent research attempts to answer.

Leaders as Teachers Commitment Index is at 2-5 Days in a Year – L&D leaders give a window of 2-5 days in a year for imparting trainings. The fact remains that no one can make employees learn better than their role models – the leaders; hence L&D needs to persuade them to increase their time involvement.

Faculty Fees to have Variable Component -Linked to Degree of Learning of Participants. Currently there is no link between feedback for trainers and their fees in majority of organizations. Linking faculty fees to feedback is the first step towards tying L&D to organizational business growth. The next level would be linking fees to competence attainment.

90 Minutes of Magic
Majority of the leaders feel that ideal time period for a training session should be around 90-180 minutes. With increasing stress & workload, and diminishing attention spans; the idea should be to deliver it quick, deliver it well!

Let’s Play Some Games – Gamification is on the Rise
With wide-ranging benefits, Gamification in training is becoming more and more attractive by organizations. L&D needs to explore ideas to incorporate games in form of simulation, plays, stories, puzzle-solving, treasure hunting etc. in training programs

Learning through Networking Needs to be Explored
Companies need to explore using seminars/ conferences for training as they are good platforms for networking and as adults we learn more quickly with experiential sharing. The value of social or observational learning is well proven in children. It is time that businesses also realize its importance and explore the same.

In Person Interactions Favored over Technology
Faculty in classroom / formal trainings still rules the roost when it comes to the popular form for delivering the trainings. Right mix of delivery can be determined by the profile of participant, nature of topic, budgets etc. Based on the feedback of effectiveness, nature of intervention should be determined.

Storytelling as a Methodology is Gaining Prominence
Learning by storytelling is gaining popularity as it connects individuals through emotions and is also ideal to engage all generations. However, there is a still lack of skilled faculty for conducting storytelling sessions.

Trainings on Smart Phones –Popular Trend
M-learning will be the face of the new age L&D. Increased savings, mobile workforces and better utilization of time along with a rewarding learning experience are some of its benefits.

Insource Design & Outsource Delivery (Faculty) – Since too much exposure to In-house faculty dilutes the impact after a few programs because of a sense of repetition, it is a good idea that training design and developing content should be done internally; whereas delivery can be external, under supervision.

Encouraging Innovation in Business Priority Today – L&D leaders believe that encouraging innovation is a top priority for their function. Innovation should be encouraged across and from the beginning L&D needs to play a crucial role by incorporating the same in its programs.

Performance Change is the Best Way to Measure! – It is believed that impact metrics (productivity improvement) should be more widely used vis-à-vis output metrics (participation/ attendance). L&D also needs to move away from using ‘feel good factor’ as a success metric.

L & D Team as Strategic Business Partner. . . Long Way to go . . . Unfortunately, L&D members are still considered facilitators or trainers. To build Strategic Business Partner outlook L&D should work towards interlinking organizational capability with business growth.

It is now time for the L&D department to do some introspection…let us find out where we are and where we need to go, identify those practices which should be thrown out the window and the new ones which we should initiate. Mostly, let’s toss away the blanket of complacency…empty our cups…and embark upon the new adventures to welcome new age learnings!

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