Insights from Over 250 Plus Industry Experts

With the arrival of the New Year, New Challenges and opportunities for HR Leaders across the industries are also changing. Irrespective of the size of the organization or where they are placed in terms of HR practices maturity, the challenges keep evolving from time to time. So what then are the trends for 2012?

We are proud to share some of the answers, based on the The Strategist & People Matters’

Research Study on HR Trends for 2012 (Issue on stands in first week of Jan 2012). The study has evolved from insights of over 250 Industry experts.

Some of the interesting findings can be summarized as 96% of the respondents believed that the HR role will go for a change in this year. A majority of them (34%) say HR will evolve as a Strategic Thinker while 27% perceive HR to finally evolve into a Business Partner and 22% expect HR to transform into a Change Agent.

In 2012, the emerging trends also focuses on ‘Employer Value Proposition’ as the key to attraction. Also another trend is emerging in terms of branding vehicles which is Advertisements Goodbye – Welcome Social Media.

Work life balance is no more a ‘nice to offer’ but ‘must do’ parameter for retention. Work Life Balance is emerging as a Retention Strategy (34% believe work-life balance is effective retention strategy).

Talent Custodians is the New Perception of HR function among employees. 35% of the responding organizations perceived that HR department is a Talent Officer. 20% felt that HR department is the employee’s best friend, while 19% thought that HR department was perceived as the messenger of bad news.

HR Metrics and HR Analytics is the way to go forward. HR metrics will not only help in building the credibility of the HR function, but it will also help HR function to build more sustainable processes and make informed decisions. 95% of responding organizations agreed to this viewpoint.

HR professionals will not only have to reinforce and refocus to become strategic business partners in the organizations in order to deal with the forthcoming challenges due to volatility in the business environment, but will also have to become change agents (48% of the respondents perceived that it is important for HR professionals to have the strategic business partner attitude & 27% of the participating organizations think that HR professionals will have to become change agents)

A welcome change being the realization that equipping HR professionals to be effective business partners is a game changer. Across industries HR leaders have committed a sufficient budget of time and investments for equipping the HR Team members

At The Strategist we believe that the Trends are a indicator of times to come and we should equip ourselves both in terms of capability to handle to it and also aligning the organization policies to ensure least damage or impact.