Identified Critical Measures Impacting Business

Client Background
The Client is one of India’s most trusted brands, with over 20,000 employees and business ranging from making household durables to aerospace engineering. The employee profile consists of generations ranging from Baby Boomers to Gen Y.

Problem Statement
The challenge faced by the staffing and Learning & Development team was to identify the Critical Measures which were impacting business and take corrective actions.

Solution Design
The Strategist proposed to identify the 25 Critical Measures which are of High Impact Value and created a Dashboard which was easy to track and had the option of suggesting action items thereof. As a part of the exercise, High Critical Breakage points of the business were identified. To ensure that the breakages do not occur, critical measures were identified and a compendium was built to describe the Measure definition. Data sources from the existing databases were mapped, with owner grid etc.
A detailed dashboard was generated which consisted of Measures, Root Cause Analysis, Trend Metrics, High Impact Measures etc.

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