Identified & Analysed Employee Critical Experiences

Client Background
The Client is world’s renowned 100 Years Plus brand in the Retail segment headquartered in London. It operates in over 50 territories worldwide, employing almost 86,000 people with its overall revenue accounting for £10.03 billion.

Problem Statement
The idea was to explore whether the employee‘s critical experience can be measured and managed to make certain that all the critical experiences (Moment of Truth) of the employee with the organization are ‘Wow’.

Solution Design
The Strategist studied the Critical Experiences (Moments of Truth) by identifying the Touch points during the Employee Life cycle in the organization. As a part of the study, each of the Touch Point was identified and classified. These Touch points started from the Prospect visiting the Career Page on website to becoming an Alumni. Each of the Touch Point was mapped on the Experience Grid and based on the findings, a detailed strategy was drawn.
As part of the deliverable a detailed Grid Analysis was submitted which highlighted the current state. A strategy plan was also drawn which consisted of Policy Changes, Processes & Practices.

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