HR Policy

  • Drafting Policies
  • Best in Class Studies
  • Tweeting the Policies
  • Alignment Study
HR Policy
We at The Strategist believe that all policies come with an Expiry date. When policies come to their expiry, it is a great opportunity to look at them and see if they are applicable or redundant.

Our policy model formulation takes industry best practices into consideration and tailoring into the organization need based on its progression.

Process Optimization

  • Process Optimization Analysis
  • Criticality vis-à-vis Priority Analysis
  • Ready for Automation report
  • Virtualization analysis & roadmap
Process Optimization
At The Strategist we firmly believe that all processes come with an Expiry Date and the objective of optimization of processes is to increase the effectiveness of the process by optimizing the steps and processes.

The Strategist can partner beyond process optimization either by developing / customizing application(s) or we can recommend a product / technology / service for the same. We also do complete re-engineering of processes if required, to increase the effectiveness of the process and champion the change management process, thus promoting the process & institutionalizing it.

Success Story-1

Revamped Job Description & Developed Success Metrics

Client Background:The Client is one of the most respected brands with a legacy of more than 100 years. It is one of the largest players in the Paperboards & Specialty papers.

Problem Statement : The challenge was to refresh the existing Job Descriptions in line with the changing business practices and also highlighting success metrics for accountability.

Solution Design: The Solution was to build the new Job Descriptions based on studying the job profiles and discussions with the job holders. To build realism in the Expectations a wide section of job holders ranging from Super Stars to Average performers were interviewed. Post the discussions, each Job Description was validated by set of Managers and Head of Department.

Success Story-2

Optimized HR Processes

Client Background:The Client is a part of large global conglomerate. It is a leading global provider of end-to-end software solutions for the pay television industry.

Problem Statement :The challenge was to optimize the current HR processes to ensure reduction of time and cost and build effectiveness in delivery mechanism with stakeholder delight.

Solution Design: The Solution comprised of studying each of the HR processes from the process owner perspective and thereafter aligning the same to the stakeholder expectations and aspirations. In this process, the outcome was to identify the optimized levels which broadly got categorized into Retain, Review, and Refresh. Along the employee lifecycle each of the major processes were identified from Entry and Exit for the due diligence.

Success Story-3

Enabled Productivity through 360 degree-solutions

Client Background:The Client is a global leader in the industrial bulk packaging industry with nearly 7000 employees working in facilities throughout the US, Europe and Asia.

Problem Statement : The challenge was to identify why a particular division had not reached its potential.

Solution Design: During the diagnosis study it was realized that the major hurdle was the mind-set. Since the division was part of the manufacturing unit, it operated in its principles and had not adopted the flexibility and agility of consulting and services mind-set which was its business logic. The solution included building a 360 degree-solution which enabled Productivity (High Performance), Retention & Ownership.