He sneaks toward Cole’s place, only to get a hold of your engaging in sex having a blonde woman

Dexter and Lumen go back to Boyd’s domestic to eradicate all the research out of the girl presence. She anxieties entering the loft in which she is fastened to own 2 days. She makes reference to how she chewed to your rope throughout the day until she freed herself, simply to get a hold of him destroy Boyd.

On route away, Dexter grabs Boyd’s handbag and you can flowers they inside the Cole’s pickup. During one minute brush, Masuka finds out they. The new murder class discusses Boyd’s domestic and additionally they discover 12 designated hair regarding hair, a giant barrel, jumper wires, additionally the attic the spot where the females was in fact remaining ahead of becoming murdered. Instantaneously, Boyd gets the newest primary think about “Barrel Female Circumstances.”

Once again from the station, Cole and you can Michael jordan reject that Boyd was a buddy, however, an excellent stalker whom attended brand new seminars.

The guy holds Lumen off and begins to choke living aside from this lady

Making Lumen on the car, Dexter vacations sites blancs rencontres with the Cole’s household and discovers an image away from a great gang of five teenagers. Our home alarm happens of since the Lumen appears without warning and you can beats new shit of Cole which have a torch. The 2 eliminate prior to Cole regains consciousness and you can comprehends her or him.

Suddenly, Cole symptoms your from trailing

Through the a break inside Jordan’s discussion, Dexter will get a visit off Lumen. She have not located a connection between the 5 males regarding images, however, performed discover that Cole is actually an old Marine, dishonorably released having beating up an officer. Lumen says Cole are harmful, and you can they are the person who remaining brand new scratches for her back.

Lumen’s old boyfriend-bride-to-be, Owen, quickly comes within the Miami and phone calls her. The next day, they see on an eatery; when he hugs the lady, she cringes. He states she looks breathtaking and you can requires if this woman is found anybody else, and therefore she rejects. The 2 speak to possess a long time about their past from inside the Minneapolis, and he requires her to go with your on the a beneficial excursion international. Whenever Lumen expresses resistance, he says to take into consideration they and you can tell him her decision another night. However, whenever Lumen never ever shows up, he tears up this lady planes violation and departs Miami.

Dexter instructions the hotel room alongside Cole’s and offer Lumen a list of supplies having to grab: duct tape, polyethylene sheeting, and rubbish bags. When you find yourself this woman is shopping, Stan Liddy factors them to keeps a car wreck very he might obtain their guidance.

Lumen will bring new supplies towards the lodge, and you can she assists Dexter shelter their room into the synthetic. You to definitely nights, Dexter and you can Lumen expect Cole to go back to help you his space, which is near to theirs. Dexter intentions to ambush him and you will shoot him having M99. Yet not, when a girl begins screaming from inside the Cole’s place, Dexter takes on brand new bad. Dexter are agitated which he need certainly to wait until the very next day so you can destroy Cole. Your ex shouts end in Lumen to pay for their ears, whenever you are reliving this lady nightmarish experience. Dexter tries to comfort the lady, and you will she eventually sleeps for a few days.

A day later, before Dexter grabs Cole, Michael jordan phone calls him up on phase during a seminar to generally share how the guy noticed whenever Rita is actually murdered. When you are they are doing so, Cole locations Lumen from the reception and you will happens just after the girl. Lumen texts Dexter, runs returning to their space, and locks the door. Unexpectedly, Cole busts through the hooking up home. Merely in time, Dexter intervenes and you may places Cole when you look at the a good sleeper hold, rendering your involuntary.

Whenever Cole gets upwards, he is covered with plastic and you may in a position into eliminate. He refuses to inform them brand new names of your own left rapists. Alternatively, Cole smirks and you will mumbles, “Huey, Dewey, and Louie.” Dexter forces Cole to take on photo of one’s Barrel Females before the guy cuts their cheek to collect a bloodstream trophy. As Dexter keeps his knife above Cole, Lumen nods. Next, since she observe, Dexter stabs Cole in the center.