Goodbye 2013 . . . and Thanks for being such a Gracious Teacher . . .

As the winter sets in and December approaches in the calendar, it arouses a strange feeling of vacation time being around and also a surprise as to how quickly the year has gone by. It feels like it was only yesterday when we had resolved that in the coming year we will change the face of the earth and here we are at the year end, left to audit how much have the things changed and did we make any difference at all . . .

Instead of looking back and exploring what differences we made, lets change tracks this time and look back to what learnings we had during this year. From the following list, some are as a professional and some at an individual level.

HR Business Partnering doesn’t mean we forget Employee Aspirations
As HRBP as much as Business needs are a priority for us, that still doesn’t give us the license to ignore our other stakeholder (client) i.e. employees -their aspirations & frustrations.

Worst Fear – Hole in the Soul – HR cannot shy away from the role of being the Conscience Keeper of the organization whether the issue is of building a culture of diverse, fair, equitable workplace or ensuring justice to all.

It’s NOT HR but HT – Human beings are not just another resource like money, material or machine, but emotional fools who if inspired, can move the mountains and if not make life exciting for all of us. Let us treat them with Human Touch (HT) and not merely as Human Resource (HR).

We are Social Animals – Socialization is in our DNA and we cannot build workplaces which don’t respect the same.

Promote Listening – Organizations need to build culture where in Managers and Leaders are listening. Why can’t Meetings Without Agenda be a measure to evaluate managers success in this new year?

Different Generations Different Needs-
Different Generations at workplace are a reality and they come in different sizes & shapes and more importantly with different baggages. It’s time to move away from generalizing all the policies & frameworks and start customizing them.

Don’t Cut, Copy, Paste – What is a Best Practice for someone doesn’t guarantee it will do justice to you too. Copy Pasting a best practice will not enable anything; on the other hand modifying the practice to suit your DNA will surely help. So let us make it about Inspiring Practices this year.

Business is Ready to Innovate, but are we ?
Business is ready to innovate both in terms of introduction of new ideas or changing the tracks of the existing. The question is how many of us in HR are ready to let go off our comforts of existing apple cart and ready to imbibe something which has possible shades of failure too.

Why don’t we have Expiry Date ?
Everything around us comes with an expiry date including ourselves, but somehow HR policies, practices, frameworks seem to be oblivious to this fact. We seem to be in perfect harmony with the idea that it will run over in its due time and do some damage; then we will arrive as Super Heroes and save the day.

Social Media Shares Undercurrent – We can learn so much about what is happening inside and outside the organization just by being good observers of social media and the undercurrents which are reflected in social media.

I am still a Student of Life – The biggest learning is that we are still students of life and each day life teaches us so much, provided we are ready to learn and evolve from it. The best thing about this teacher is that it never preaches.

There is a NO substitute for a Good Book A good book is still a great companion , whether it is waiting for flights at the airport, or late evening with a coffee cup or on a lazy weekend. Good books always help you to pause and reflect, which is a crucial ingredient in the success recipe.

People Come People Go – People will come and people will go, sometimes they dishearten you with their departure and at times they anger you. It is crucial to ensure that the dreams & goals stay immune to these departures.

Spend time in the Graveyard – Failures are part and parcel of growth and we can’t shy away from them. We need to document them and spend time once in a while going through them, even though that may be unpleasant.

Don’t bother to be a Good Teacher until you find a worthy student – A teacher is as good as his student; the leader is as good as his team. Sharing knowledge is must but being Good Teacher is optional, it is not worthy to spread light in black hole.

Live Life in its Completeness – Life doesn’t comes across as a fairytale but like the roads, it has its stretches of super highways as well as bumps and crazy traffic. Accepting life as it comes and making sense of it brings joy any time.

As we say Goodbye 2013, we sincerely thank it for being such a gracious teacher.

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