Gen Y : Y is it tough for X to Accept?

One of the biggest challenges which is often not spoken so much in public or has captured the Agenda of CxO is the widening gap between the Generations at the workplace. The classic scenario being – on one hand Gen Y is still struggling to make its impressions on the corporate and on the other hand Gen X is failing to reconcile that the new crop of employees are different than them.

Everyone agrees for sure that the workforce landscape is fast changing with Gen Y occupying most of the work seats especially in the new age organizations, it is also a reality that research have proven that the Gen Y is a workforce which has a differential outlook to work and workplace.

So the question is: Y is it tough for X to Accept ?

One of the biggest gaps in thoughts between the two Generations is that, most of the Gen X see’s Work as a END / Purpose of their life; whereas for most of the Gen Y work is a just a MEANS to an END and the end is mostly outside the domain of their work. This gap leads to the general perception among the Gen X that Gen Y isn’t serious about its careers and fuels the widely accepted perception that Gen Y sole motivation is money and nothing else.

Gen X based on their experiences of ‘scarcity’ and ‘minimal opportunities’ are oriented towards building policies and processes which are generally ‘centralized’ to minimize damage and for better control; which eventually leads to ‘power centers’. In contrast Gen Y believes in decentralization and sharing (empowered) because of their outlook built on the ideology of ‘abundance’ which makes them more than required confident. Again these contradictions only worsen the matters more.

At The Strategist, we believe that organizations should embark on the journey of building bridges between these two Generations before there is considerable damage. The question isn’t who is right or wrong but how do we reconcile these differences at workplaces and ensure that the organization goals / purpose doesn’t suffer.

Our research has shown that even though there are differences among these generations there are also considerable commonalities which can be exploited to build synergy for examples both the generations are very committed and serious towards their dreams and goals, both the generations are ambitious and also very passionate and would definitely go that extra mile to achieve them.

We believe since Gen X is in a position of influence, it is the responsibility of them to make the first move towards building the bridges of prosperity.

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