October 31, 201312:00 am - 12:00 am

The dwindling global economy and increasing competition have forced the companies to take a re-look at their existing strategies. In order to succeed in these challenging times, all the functions are reinventing themselves and Learning and Development is not immune to this trend either.

So has the Learning & Development spend time in learning about itself? Is it ready to unlearn? Is it ready to let go of some of its clichés which are irrelevant anymore? Is it ready to embrace the future? Is it aligned to business needs and employee aspirations ? and so on…

The basic premise for the study was to identify the changes in the Learning and Development function over the years and the possible trends it will take course in the near future.

This study is a collation of the findings from a questionnaire-based survey and discussions with Learning and Development heads of Indian organizations across industries.

For the purpose of attaining deeper insights into Learning and Development functions The Strategist had contacted L&D heads from a diverse industry set. A look at the figures below gives an idea about their experience and expertise

People Matters Strategist Report

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