ER/IR Capability Audits

  • Processes – Long term Settlement etc.
  • Practices – Collective Bargaining etc.
  • People – Awareness of Laws, Principles of ER etc.
ER/IR Capability Audits

We at The Strategist, firmly believe that relationship garnered with the employees have a deep connect and is directly proportional to the organizational growth. We consider that ER/IR should be handled as a proactive function for better alignment of the organization.

We specialize in auditing ER/IR capabilities of ‘Processes’ in organization, ‘Practices’ that stakeholders follow and knowledge in ‘People’.

ER/IR Capability Workshops

  • Principle for ER/IR for Line Managers
  • Handing ER as Proactive function for ER/IR Professionals (Jr – Mid Managers)
  • ER as a Strategic Tool(Mid – Sr. Managers)
ER/IR Capability Workshops

We at The Strategist believe in enhancing the capability of the employees in the field of ER/IR for progression of the organization.

We have designed various models for imparting workshops in ER/IR domain for Line Managers, Jr- Mid Managers, and Senior Managers.

Compliance Audits

  • Adherence to all applicable laws
  • Adherence to all relevant sections/sub sections/clauses
  • Must have vis a vis Good to Have analysis
Compliance Audits
A Compliance Audit is a comprehensive review of an organization’s adherence to regulatory guidelines.
We at The Strategist support organizations in compliance auditing with respect to the relevant sections/sub sections/clauses as per the Law of the Land and provide the organization with detailed recommendations and analysis.

ER Advisory

  • ER Advisory
  • Long term settlement
  • VRS
ER Advisory
The needs of organization keeps changing with respect to the current marketplace, new strategic positions, predictive future trends, hence it is very critical to have ER/IR advisory to make a huge difference on developing growth strategies.

We The Strategist provide ER Advisory services ranging for drafting Long Term Settlement to developing a robust VRS which is in line with the industry best practices, Law of the Land, considering the principles of fairness & equity and at the same time ensuring win - win for all stakeholders.

Success Story-1

Develop VRS - Voluntary Retirement Scheme for a Mfg Unit

Client Background: The Client is one of the largest manufacturers of high quality, innovative and branded kitchen products line with manufacturing units across Indian Subcontinent.

Problem Statement : The client’s new business model was to consolidate the existing units which resulted in closure one of the manufacturing unit completely. The unit had both blue collar and white collar workforce.

Solution Design: The Strategist worked on a VRS blueprint which was build on the principles of What is eligible as per law, What is the organisation’s openness to pay, What is the aspiration of employees, What is the brand impact etc. The VRS solution, thus designed, had a combination of Full & Final Settlement, Job Rotations, Transfers, Re-skilling etc.

Success Story-2

Compliance Audit

Client Background: The Client is a one of the largest dealer of a leading automobile brand which has more than 2000 employees spread across 54 plus showrooms and workshops.

Problem Statement : As part of the excellence model the organisation wanted to conducted a complete ER Compliance Audit to understand the current state and also fill gaps, if any, to ensure future readiness.

Solution Design: The Strategist implemented the ER Compliance Audit using its proprietary tool ‘Blue Blueprint’ which comprises a combination of Law of Land Audit, Process Fairness & Transparency, People Friendliness Approach etc. The Law of the Land Audit begins with identifying which of the Acts are applicable to the organisation, and that in those Acts which are the applicable Sections / Bye Laws and are Mandatory with high impact risk etc. The process implementation and person dimensions checks the angle of ‘Procedural Justice’.