Designed Top Talent Framework

Client Background
The Client is a coach and bus manufacturing company operated as a JV between a leading Indian automotive manufacturing company and a large Brazilian manufacturer.

Problem Statement
The challenge was to build a model to identify the top talent, creating a plan of action for the top talent pool and provide a robust framework for leadership development to be implemented by the Client.

Solution Design
The Strategist proposed a comprehensive model in line with the Top Talent Framework.
The Strategist created a framework to map the business priorities and critical roles with the employee capability and talent pool by using structured interactions with key stakeholders.
The Strategist also created a set of competency clusters for top talent based on which an assessment centre was conducted and individual development plans created along with the participants and their key stakeholders.
A blueprint of training and anchoring interventions was crafted which was subsequently executed internally by the Client as their flagship leadership development program.

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