Controlling attritions through psychometric test

Client Background
The Client was a mid-size telecom and power consulting company with Pan India operation. The company was going through rapid growth but the growth targets were always hit hard by attrition –especially in the average to high performing talent pool. There was an urgent need to curb the attrition and hire those who are most likely to stay with the organization.

Problem statement
The client wanted a valid and reliable tool that can be used to evaluate Integrity of the candidates as well as their likelihood to stay with the organization.

Solution Design
A customized test was developed for the client and their staff was trained on administering and interpreting the test.
Although no definitive analysis was conducted to evaluate the effectiveness of the assessment; the hard core data based indices (like employee attrition level, number of reports against malpractice etc.) displayed a significant improvement in the desired direction (a 42% improvement in first quarter itself). The client decided to continue with the assessment and is using it since 2008.

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