Why be a Pirate ?

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Why join the Navy when you can become Pirate is a philosophy which encourages and invites adventorus souls who are ready not to be bounded by the traps of tradtional thinking when it comes to building career and pursuing dreams.

The idea is whether you like to work for a large, secured, fixated organization or chart an adventurous career full of challenges and excitement. At the Strategist we promise you the following:

1.Make a difference

Working with The Strategist empowers you to make a difference to various stakeholders in the economy. Each member is involved in critical assignments and encouraged to debate and ideate on the possible solutions.

At the end of the day as you walk in the sunset you will have a sense of fulfillment that you have made a ‘difference’.

2.Become a Subject Matter Expert

As members of the elite team you will be coached and mentored on various cutting edge management and HR trends by your Seniors.

You will be encouraged to pick up an area of interest in terms of a domain in HR and an industry and be supported.

3. Live Action All the Time

There is nothing more exciting and challenging for working clients who are considered as icons in their industry. You will work for your dream organizations many of them being the Fortune 100 of Indian Inc and Global Fortune 500.

At Strategist, you will get a platform to work on diverse projects for multiple clients across the country. .

4. Challenge yourself

As a Strategist, you can challenge yourself each day. Your days will be filled with new opportunities to learn and challenge yourself, and venture into areas which you haven’t explored yet.

Mistakes are welcomed and encouraged and you will have the freedom to explore and challenge the existing paradigms.

5. Fun Workplace

You are surrounded by a bunch of young bright talent all the time. The work culture is very adoptive, we are very formal in our reviews and approach to clients yet very informal inside the workplace.

Its like being with friends and doing night outs during the exam time, where each one is there to support each other yet each one is focused on his / her goals.