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Employer Branding

  • Employer Branding Study
  • Employer Branding Framework
  • Employer Branding Initiatives / Ideas
  • Employer Branding at campuses & with alumni
Employer Branding
Employer Branding is a combination of Art and Science of building rock solid image which attracts the best of talent and also helps retain them.

Employer branding at The Strategist is based on ‘myBrand Promise’, which enables organizations to identify their current status as employer brand. At The Strategist we provide solutions to clients in Employer Branding space on multiple levels ranging from finding what is the current state of the Brand to building frameworks, that will enable organizations to build a lasting employer brand.

Employee Value Proposition(EVP)

  • Building Employee Value Proposition
  • Integrating Employee Value Proposition
  • Communication Plans & Campaigns for EVP
Employee Value Proposition
Employee Value Proposition is a set of attributes that the prospective and current employees perceive as the value they gain through employment in an organization. It also describes the mix of characteristics, benefits, and the ways of working in an organisation. It is the deal struck between an organisation and employee in return for their contribution and performance. This 'deal' characterizes an employer and differentiates it from its competition.

We at The Strategist help in building EVP, integrating EVP and communicating plans & campaigns for EVP.

Internal Communication

  • Employee communication framework (intranet) / strategy formulation
  • Newsletter (Design & Outsourcing Management)
  • Employee Micro site – Link with Social Media
  • CEO Blog
  • Balance Sheet Notes
Internal Communication
An effective communication framework enables employees to be well informed proactively without falling into the traps of gossip and grapevine. The line hierarchy is the most effective organizationally sanctioned communication channel. Direct supervision is the expected and most effective source of organizationally sanctioned information. Opinions of leaders are effective changers of thoughts. Relevant information is better retained than abstract, unfamiliar or general information.

We at The Strategist have experienced that an effective employee communication model should be the sum of all the principle elements reflecting in it. Some basics – Message redundancy is related to message retention, Use of several mediums is more effective than the use of just one, Face-to-face communication is still a preferred medium. We specialize both at Design as well as on the Content Management level on an outsourcing model.

Social Media

  • Social Media Philosophy, Strategy & Guidelines
  • Integrating existing employee intranet portals
  • Monitoring of Brand in Social Media
  • Create Groups and Content Management
Social Media
It is very critical to be open to formal and informal feedback and one such powerful feedback tool is Social Media.

We at The Strategist believe in enabling organizations to get a balanced, real-world view of where emerging technologies stand today and what role they will play in the future of employee communication; Understand which technologies present the greatest opportunities for improving employee communication programs now and in the future; Gain insight into why it is important to master these emerging technologies and include them in communication planning; Explore straightforward, low-cost solutions that might be easier to implement.

Listening Organization

  • Readiness Audit for Listening Organization
  • Building a Listening Organization Framework
  • Alignment Study
Listening Organization
Listening activities integrate with the work flow- either for customer support, program development, research, or self-directed professional development. Listening is an active process which involves listening to supervisors, listening to colleagues, team mates and subordinates. Listening is a two-way communication. Effective listening is a skill that the organization should follow. Communication should not be a top-down approach. Rather, it should be a top-down and bottom-up approach. Most of the leaders tend to talk too much and do not concentrate on listening to their employees.

We at The Strategist believe that Listening to employees is a dynamic process and plays a very important role in maintaining their morale and commitment to the managers and to the organization. It requires a deliberate effort and patience. Improving listening at workplace can be effectively done by getting involved actively, filtering facts from opinions, asking questions and being aware of employee problems.

Brand Ambassador Blueprint

  • Brand Ambassador Blueprint
  • Identify Outlets in line with the Brand Identity
  • Identify Brand Ambassador among Employees
  • Coaching Employees as Brand Ambassador
Brand Ambassador Blueprint
We at The Strategist, believe that there is no other stakeholder as powerful as Employees for endorsing the organisation brand. Employees are very effective as Brand Ambassadors as their credibility in unquestionable, but the challenge is that all employees cannot endorse the Brand with the same energy and vigour and it is vital to identify who can be entrusted with the task.

It is also equally critical to appreciate the nature of forums where the brand will get specially endorsed by these set of employees so as to yield maximum impact and not dilute the brand image. It is paramount to ensure that the Brand is endorsed in a consistent fashion so that the end user gets the same experience.

Success Story-1

Devised Employee Value Proposition

Client Background: The Client is world's renowned 100 Years Plus brand in the Retail segment headquartered in London. It operates in over 50 territories worldwide, employing almost 86,000 people with its overall revenue accounting for £10.03 billion.

Problem Statement : The challenge faced was to identify a Clear, Compelling and Distinctive proposition for the existing & new employees based on their key strengths, ethos and differentiating HR practices and craft a commitment statement.

Solution Design: The Strategist had proposed on devising an Employee Value Proposition (EVP is a commitment / assurance as what employees experience from their overall work situation within the organization). As a part of the study, an extensive research was done by using Primary (sessions with Team HR, External agencies, Alumni, New Joinees etc.) and Secondary (Reports of Employee Satisfaction Surveys, Exit Interview records, Recruitment Sales Pitch etc.) data sources. Post deliberations an EVP was delivered along with the Branding Strategy, Communication plans and Change Management Strategy.

Success Story-2

Developed a Branding Strategy

Client Background: The Client is a major consulting & professional services MNC (Big 4) headquartered in the United States. The Indian operations have more than 12000 employees and are the fastest growing region across the globe.

Problem Statement : The first challenge faced by the client was to identify how the brand was perceived with respect to ‘Employer of Choice’ across the campuses in India. The campuses included Business Schools, Engineering and Graduate Schools. The second problem statement was ‘How to build a brand strategy’.

Solution Design: The Strategist proposed to study the current Employer Brand Perception with the help of its proprietary tool ‘myBrand Promise’. ‘myBrand Promise’ studies the Awareness, Administration & Spirit of Campus. As a part of the study each of the campuses were studied through Primary and Secondary data to gauge the Awareness and Administration level. Each campus was also mapped on the Spirit of Campus to understand the essence and ethos of the campus as well as the aspirations of the students (Gen Y). As a part of the report, a detailed Perception Study was submitted along with the Branding Strategy for each campus and an action plan with ideas for the next 18 months.