At The Strategist, we believe books open up our mind, heart and soul at all ages. The more we read the more we realise there is so much to explore and imbibe. Constant reading makes us more tolerable and resistant to petty differences & conflicts thereby strengthening our Soul.

It is often observed that we buy books with passion and with a greater zeal to read them but at times dispassionately store them away in a place which is forgotten and never referred to again.

food4thoughts is an initiative backed by The Strategist which attempts to connect idle books with hungry minds.

If you have any Books / Journals / Magazines on any subject and you qualify them as idle, do buzz at Get in Touch leaving your Name, Number, Location and Nature of books and someone from our office will reach to have them collected, alternatively you may courier them to the following address.

2nd Floor, 8-2-686/DR/9
Road No. 12, Banjara Hills
Hyderabad-34, Telangana, India

We promise we will share with you the update on who are the hungry minds enjoying your idle books.

Happy Sharing !