Assessing personality of candidates

Client Background
The client is a privately owned airline company operating in domestic airline market. During their regular hiring process it was felt that finding customer service oriented pilots was the most difficult part in the whole recruitment function.

Problem statement
The need to have pilots who are not only technically competent but also equipped with a sense of service orientation towards their ‘customers’ (both internal and external) was becoming more prominent as complaints regarding the behaviour of pilots were increasing. The client approached us to suggest a tool which can identify the level of customer service orientation and other important personality variables which differentiate a better pilot from the rest.

Solution Design
After discussing with the client and talking to some of their staff, we suggested WPI-Pro (workplace personality inventory for professionals) to be used as pre-interview tool to assess the personality of the candidate. WPI-Pro provided relevant insight into personality of the candidates and their likely level of service orientation along with other relevant personality attributes like detail consciousness, emotional stability, practical thinking and sociability.
After 6 months, the client conducted an analysis to compare the behaviour of pilots selected by using WPI-Pro and those who were already in the system; and found that the pilots selected by using psychometric test demonstrated significantly higher level of politeness and understanding towards their fellow professionals than those already existing in the organization. The client decided to incorporate the test as part of their selection process and has been using the tests since 2009.

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