Analysed & Identified Exit Pattern

Client Background
The Client is leader in business outsourcing services, analytics and compliance expertise in Human Capital Services Domain, serving its clients in more than 125 countries. Its revenue accounts for more than $11 billion.

Problem Statement
The challenge faced was to identify the pattern in the nature of employees who are quitting and thereafter ensure that these kinds of employees are best avoided while recruiting in future.

Solution Design
The Strategist proposed to use an Analytic tool ‘Leavers’ DNA’ for studying the pattern among the employees who have moved away from the organization. As a part of the study, data of last 3 years were studied. A demographic analysis of the employees was done and a correlation was drawn between the demographic profiles, job profile, and location of job and thereby a ‘Leavers’ DNA’ was arrived.
As a part of the report, a detailed ‘Leavers’ DNA’ was drawn along with the Recruitment DNA which highlighted the ‘God Fit’ and ‘Good Fit’ The report was drawn at company Level and job level.

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