Enabling Managers to introspect and learn from their experiences and their team feedback. A simple 13 questions focusing on Communication, Inspiration, Openness etc.

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Is your Brand the first choice of employees. myBrand Promise focuses on the fundamentals of Awareness & Admiration to assess the current image and re-calibrate.

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Leavers DNA is a powerful framework based on Analytic. Leavers DNA not only focuses on 'WHY' employees are exiting but also focuses on 'WHO'. The advance models also probe into predictive analysis as to 'WHO' could be the 'NEXT'.

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Data is of no use, if it isn't categorized in a systematic form and processed into valuable information. myEdge enables the Director HR to track the performance of the HR function on a real-time dashboard with ability to raise action points on the process owners, track them to appraisals etc. The best feature being do it through your mobile when you are on the move.

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myManager Connect not only enables collating feedback from employees but also advises on possible areas of improvements with practical tips based on the scores, enables on line creation of action plans with reminders. It also has library of reading reference etc. Everything that is required to become a People Manager.

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We completed four years and are proud to share that The Strategist has been awarded the “Leading HR & Management Consulting Firm” by the Shine.com HR Leadership Awards (An affiliate of Hindustan Times). The winners were identified by a esteem & independent jury.

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Communication isn't about sharing from top to down but also is about creating channels from down to top. Listening Organization as a framework enables this upwards communication. Listening Organization framework prioritizes the nature of information flow and advises channels based on the same.

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How Happy are your employees ? Happiness Mood Meter is SAAS model software application which not only tracks the Happiness Index on real time basis but also intelligently alerts on Red Areas which could be potential danger in future and more.

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The Strategist is a Global People Advisory & Research Firm, with a aim of enabling business to fuel their dreams through innovation and intellect...

Proprietary Tools

We have build a strong set of propriety tools, based on the insights of our Research team and the experience of Advisory team. These set of tools ensure scientific rigor & consistency in approach towards the problems.ReadMore →

Our Pride

They came as Clients and have become Partners. Our pride shares some of our recent works in form of case studies. The cases have been categorized service offering wise for ease of reference. Read More →

News & Updates

We are extremely delighted to share that our Chief Strategist – Mr. K Srinivas Rao, was the Chair of the  Human Equity panel at recently held  LASSIB Society CXO Round Table Conference, which was conducted with the primary objective of boosting organizational profitability Read More →


HR Insights provides a glimpse into various  solutions which can address a given challenge. These solutions are  interlinked just as the logic of six degrees of separation.Read More →

Recognized as the Best HR & Management Consulting Firm at Shine.Com Leadership Awards 2012