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The digital revolution in the form of Social Media (herein-after referred as SM) is getting more and more entrenched in the fabric of our personal and professional lives. SM through its applications (e.g. Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Flickr, etc.) has converted the hitherto one-way communications provided by the traditional media into a two-way inte

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The dwindling global economy and increasing competition have forced the companies to take a re-look at their existing strategies. In order to succeed in these challenging times, all the functions are reinventing themselves and Learning and Development is not immune to this trend either. So has the Learning & Development spend time

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And another year has gone by! Like Romans who began each year by making promises to Janus -the God of beginning and after whom the month January is named; this is that time of the year when we make our resolutions for 2014. And while we are at the topic of Gods, this year let us take inspiration from The Hindu Trinity– Lord Brahma (the creator),

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